Security Technology

Alarm Systems

Security and protection for buildings and inventory

From the classic alarm system to infrared camera systems that can recognize people and objects in the dark, we will be your competent partner.

Fire Alarm Systems

Timely warning in case of emergency

Tesinet has the expertise to design fire alarm systems, and with our partners to build and maintain them.

Server Monitoring

Safeguarding and protection of IT infrastructure

We provide monitoring of server rooms and other (electrical) equipment rooms as to temperature, water, and other events, using a multisensor or rack solution.

We work successfully together with to protect your server from malfunction due to heat in the summer if the air conditioning has failed.

Messages via SMS or email are only two ways to send alarm alerts.

Video Survillance

Visual monitoring of your location

The monitoring of equipment and facilities is one of our core competencies.

From cameras in compressed air-purged stainless steel enclosures, to mini cameras, we deliver and install all special applications.

Our strengths are record keeping and assessment, such as number plate recognition and algorithms for intelligent analysis.

We are a certified Aimetis Partner and will gladly show you our reference documentation.